Why Whop?

Whop is a marketplace that allows for people like you to sell your software projects. You can sell webapps, downloadable apps, or even API access. The goal of Whop is to bring consumers really cool products that can help them save time, save money, or learn new things. If you are building a unique product that might help consumers with one of these three, then Whop is for you.

In addition to our marketplace, Whop offers a suite of tools to help you scale your software business. We offer things like out of the box affiliates to allow you let your customers spread your product and get paid. You can release your product through a waitlist to capture hype while still pre authorizing customers cards. Customers can even give you feedback about your product so you know where to improve. You have the option to integrate with your own payment processor like Stripe, or let us handle payment processing, fraud prevention, and tax compliance for you.

Integration Process

What is it like to sell software on Whop?

Integrating with Whop allows for customers who buy your product on our marketplace to use your software product with ease. The integration process is straightforward in that we only need to be able to provide the user with a one click link to access your product.

Both integrations involve a user entering your application from a single point of [https://your-site.xyz/callback/whop](<https://your-site.xyz/callback/whop>)?code=xxxxxxxx.

Buyer experience

What is it like to buy software on Whop?

After purchasing access to software on Whop, users will see an area where they can view their purchased pass. Here, the user can click to navigate to your app.